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The most disappointing games?
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    The most disappointing games?

    For me i would have to say one of the most Disappointing was Devil May Cry.....While still enjoyable and the Gameplay is just as Equally awesome. The Story...And how they made dante was just....Off.
    Don't even get me started on the White Hair Wig scene at the Carnival.

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    Re: The most disappointing games?

    I would say for me Rage. I guess I was hoping for a game similar to Fallout 3 but it was very linear and had no story. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed aspects of the game just was not what I was expecting.

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    Re: The most disappointing games?

    Agreed, Rage felt a bit like a game that just was not yet ready....They should have worked on it a bit more before finally releasing it.

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    Re: The most disappointing games?

    I'm gonna say at least 1/3 of games, they are all over hyped.
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    Re: The most disappointing games?

    The entire call of duty series (after world at war).
    They've never got bet, only worst and I'm glad I no longer play it.

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    Re: The most disappointing games?

    Gears of war judgement, hall reach, halo anniv, halo 4. Every cod after mw2. Naruto storm 3, dead space 3

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    Re: The most disappointing games?

    Woah Woah, I can understand Judgement, Reach, Halo 4, Halo Anniv But NS3 and DS3?

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    Re: The most disappointing games?

    So many games turn out disappointing, falling short of what they promise. Over the last few years I've found most games to be entertaining at times, but otherwise forgettable and overhyped. The industry is all about money now, and less about the games, the games are being dumbed down in some cases to make them appeal to the biggest possible audience, xbl is flooded with overpriced day one dlc. Just look at the new GOW, the first day when I checked the add-ons it was a wall of weapon and armor skins, most selling for 240 points or more. I was impressed with tomb raider though, not a ton of replay value, but a well made game, there are a few newer games I haven't tried yet, but overall most games these days are about quantity over quality.
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