I've never been too good at HEX editing skyrim items. I got it to work once after trying for a handful of hours. I got so many iron ingots now, that I was unable to run despite having an edited precc save with a 9M carry weight

Now I've been trying to HEX edit Heartfire items so I can build, build, build! But I just can't seem to get it right. Either it doesn't work and nothing shows in the barrel, or my save is destroyed

So, I turn to the helpful people of 360Haven, and ask if someone could kindly edit my save so I can have the following items:

O1. Clay
O2. Glass
O3. Goat Horns
O4. Iron Fittings
O5. Straw

I'd need a hefty amount of all those items as I'll be building all of the houses. Maybe 10,000 of each item? I'd rather have more than to be short when building~

Whoever takes up this task will be eternally thanked, and have a small shrine erected in my closet. I promise to pray to it everyday. Anyways, I'm not sure which saves are needed, so here are both of them.