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Disney shuts down Lucasarts
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    Disney shuts down Lucasarts

    Damn, why this now you overgrown mouse!?! I spent so many happy hours playing LA's games ever since I was a wee squirt. I has the sad.



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    Re: Disney shuts down Lucasarts

    this is bad news for al the star wars fans
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    Vincent Valentine

    Re: Disney shuts down Lucasarts

    Man. I was hoping for more Star Wars haha

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    Re: Disney shuts down Lucasarts


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    Re: Disney shuts down Lucasarts

    Is it wrong that I was hoping for a next gen Rogue Squadron? Too bad it'll never happen now...
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    Re: Disney shuts down Lucasarts

    i knew disney buying lucasarts from the beginning was the worst way to go and shit would start going downhill even faster...disney has always been for kids and even if there were death in their movies...it would've been played down so the future would be star wars movies would've been shit

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    Re: Disney shuts down Lucasarts

    Just now finding out about this crap... heard people saying it on facebook, but i didnt know what they was talking about .. till now..lol
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    Re: Disney shuts down Lucasarts

    Disappointed that 1313 wont be out anytime soon now


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