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Anyone have the Razer Blade 2.0 ?
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    Anyone have the Razer Blade 2.0 ?

    If so how do you like it? wondering if it is worth the $$

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    Re: Anyone have the Razer Blade 2.0 ?

    As with all computers, it depends on how you’re using it.
    If you are an intensive PC gamer then you should buy a desktop, not laptop.
    But if you have your own personal reasons which forcing you to own a gaming laptop only then you can get to know whether you should get Razer’s gaming laptop or not by comparing it with competitor’s product by various parameters like cost,hardware used etc.. If the competitors like Origin,Alienware provide the same hardware and software for less cost than Razer,then there’s no justification left for purchasing it.
    The Blade is undeniably awesome, but it's also ridiculously overpriced... which isn't a surprise given that it's Razer. I do like their peripherals a lot since I own three of them (Nostromo game pad, Death Adder mouse, and Black Widow Ultimate keyboard), but there are other products out there that are just as good if not better and at a cheaper price point. The same goes for this laptop. The only genuinely unique feature about it is the Switchblade interface, and that doesn't justify the high premium they're charging.
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