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dead island riptide
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    dead island riptide

    i was wondering if anyone knew about dead island riptide as it says you can play from the save from the previous game but does that also mean that it will load up the modded weapons and other mods that were on there too or will it reset them as i cant find any news about it

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    Re: dead island riptide

    Thread moved.
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    Re: dead island riptide

    Riptide stars the same four characters you'll be able to carry over your save file from the first game, and start with all your stats and perks intact.
    ^Quote from Game [Retail store]

    I'm 90% sure modded character stats from previous saves will work for sure as it's still got the same stats n perks.

    What I will do is gather all 4 modded character saves ready for this game to test when this game gets leaked which will be soon. :D


    I done some searching and found modded saves for each four characters. I uploaded them for anyone to test when the new game drops: http://www.mediafire.com/?b9vz8w2pzn04xfl
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    Re: dead island riptide

    i will let you know, im getting the game on release day so i will let you know if these modded saves work :D

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    Acid XHP

    Re: dead island riptide

    I am pumped for this game, and I'm sure that the modded stats will carry over, not so sure about the weapons but maybe.

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    Re: dead island riptide

    the games out now, so anyone test importing these saves
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    Re: dead island riptide

    the character will not keep the modded equipment or skills because there will be all different equipment and if you import a lv 50 you will get 49 skill points and a lv 50 character
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    Re: dead island riptide

    I think the game is pretty much the same as the last so modding may be the same but i don't know only those who do editors or ISO mods will know once they get their hands on it


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