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[Req] Hydro Thunder Hurricane
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    [Req] Hydro Thunder Hurricane

    Hydro Thunder Hurricane: Infinite boost
    Not pressed for times or anything.

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    Re: [Req] Hydro Thunder Hurricane

    Please READ Before Making a Trainer Request

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus Hydra View Post
    When making a request please give us a save file that is far in the game and if u can place give us a bookmark mapping out everything. That will make thing easier/faster for the person making the trainer.

    If there are any thing else u guys think should be posted with the request please let me know i'll update the post.
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    Re: [Req] Hydro Thunder Hurricane

    Will an unencrypted/uncompressed/devkit xex work?

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    Re: [Req] Hydro Thunder Hurricane

    Here's the save.

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    Re: [Req] Hydro Thunder Hurricane

    : 006:: 046:



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