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    I started a membership on this site a few months ago and i admit i wasnt on for a while and once i did finally get on again i found that my account was noted as "inactive". So i did what was needed to do to "get a 2nd chance"
    but now the programs i used before with no issues now wont let me login. Can someone point me in the direction to fix these?

    I had an older version of WWE13 SavegameEditor By HackerT|Entrance,Universe,Stable&Title,Moveset,CAF Editor and it worked fine before but since i updated it and my "2nd chance" they wont work. I also tried the Walking Dead Survival Instinct program to see if it was just an issue but thats not working either. Im not sure what happened. Any help would be great, Thank you.

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    Re: Help

    Look through this thread to find out how to get off of Renatus status: http://www.360haven.com/forums/threa...active-member/

    Also for most Editors on here that require you to sign on with your account info; if you are a Second Chance member, then you can't use the editor until you become a Senior Member. Hope that helps :)

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    Re: Help

    thanks for the help

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    Re: Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Stevexbox View Post
    thanks for the help
    all u have to do is become active again by posting more starting threads thats sort of thing

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    Re: Help

    for renatus member you need 30 posts



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