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Buying a new computer soon, need help. Suggestions? (Kind of Long)
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    Buying a new computer soon, need help. Suggestions? (Kind of Long)

    I will have around 1,300-1,400 to spend on one, I don't want a super amazing gaming computer, unless it's in that price range.
    Because I won't be buying games for the PC.
    I want to kind of just buy one, I don't want to buy parts and make my own.

    I was seriously planning on buying a new 23' Touch Screen all in one from Best Buy, but I was going to ask them if there is something better at the store, I don't feel like waiting for something to be shipped either..

    I will only be using the computer for:
    Maple Story and MMORPG's like it. (Not LoL or WoW)
    Internet browing(Facebook, FB apps, YouTube, E-Mail, etc...)

    Any opinions? And why would I get a touch screen, because it looks nice, and seems to run well. Windows 8 isn't a problem for me, I think it's quite cool to be honest.
    Better idea's that I can get from Best Buy?

    This is what I will be getting:
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    Re: Buying a new computer soon, need help. Suggestions? (Kind of Long)

    My uncle had the exact same computer, its good.
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    Re: Buying a new computer soon, need help. Suggestions? (Kind of Long)

    You really just need something relatively low spec for that kind of work, unfortunately you'd be trying to combine low spec with modern (all in one touch) tech which as a business model isn't worth the effort, so instead might as well up the specs.

    Taking price into account, you could go for one like this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+V...&skuId=6851237
    The specs are virtually the same for a rather significant drop in price, i would suggest getting an asus but they were lacking bluetooth which all things considered you might as well get included, though for around $2 you can just get a tiny usb bluetooth dongle off dealextreme.

    For RAM you only need a min of 4, everything else is excess, more is better but when it starts affecting the cost you ignore it, there is no way in hell for example that you will max out the 8GB (6 of which you get to use) unless you're running some leaky-as-fuck apps.

    Windows 8 can of course go die in a fire, it's fine for tablets but you aren't buying a tablet.

    The bottom line is the performance will only be as good as your ability to maintain it or rather your resistance to wrecking it with useless crap, look into dual booting linux, when shit goes wrong it's nice to have a fallback OS which will run faster anyway, just don't do a dist-upgrade on ubuntu, never ends well.
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    Re: Buying a new computer soon, need help. Suggestions? (Kind of Long)

    Your best bet is to never buy anything from best buy. If you have that much loot to spend on a computer just buy one online. Yeah you might have to wait for it to be shipped but the you'll get a better product and can get some awesome deals. I run 2nd Gen. Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz, 16GB DDR3, 120GB SSD(main),1 TB backup, LG Super Blu BD ReWwriter 12X BD-R, 2X BD-RE, 16X DVD+R, 12X DVD-RAM, ATI Radeon HD 6850 1 GB card x (2) crossfire and Liquid Cooling running on windows 7 and it was only about $1400 and this was a year ago this month. So you know something like this is much cheaper now. It runs like a dream and has a window rating of 7.6 out of 7.9!! I did add the blu ray and upgrade the ram from 8g to 16 and added the SSD but the base price was the same. Shop around on Newegg or Tiger Direct first before you buy. You won't be disappointed.

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    Re: Buying a new computer soon, need help. Suggestions? (Kind of Long)

    I would highly recommend for you to build your own, especially with that budget.
    Although it's not the most convenient of processes it does work out to be the most economic. If you don't want to deal with the hassle then buying stock would be the way to go. As 8Ball has said Raam won't be a priority unless you intend to edit HD video or are an enthusiast when it comes to Photoshop, so your main focus should be on the processor. As long as this is relatively good you shouldn't have a problem using it for the tasks that you want to use it for.
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