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Dishonored "dlc question"
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    Dishonored "dlc question"

    Does anyone know if the save editor for dishonored works on the knife of dunwall dlc???

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    Re: Dishonored "dlc question"

    I have tried to use the "Dishonored", Editor by: XB36Hazzard unfortunately It seems to only give you access to Entry's. Just my luck, because I am a TOTAL noob when it come down to the Entry's. Gave myself some time to work out whether or not this editor could be used as is, but right now it Can't! Sorry! it would appear that nothing is available online, at least everywhere I looked. If you find something please let me know! Good Luck!
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    Re: Dishonored "dlc question"

    yea the editor i got off here works perfectly fine, hell this was actually the first game i ever modded with an editor.. i was just wondering if it worked on the dlc as well.



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