1. Anyone have a Jtag that can help me I will pay you 60.00 dollars and put it into your paypal account when done.

2. Post a 2 minute Video in paint tool on WWE 13 on the xbox 360 so I can see what it looks like.

3. So once you are done you can upload it to CC on WWE 13 under Paint Tool and also, Under your Creator name . Downloadable for everyone even me on the Xbox 360.These are Hi Res Images .

4. Upload Images thru brienj software

5. WWE13 Texture Tool v1.5 Download link Below


6. when it is uploaded on CC on WWE 13 I will make my PPV Arena and make the Jeff Hardy shirt and Beer Money shirt and upload it on CC on WWE 13 on Xbox 360
and share with everyone

7. The reason why I am Requesting is b/c, I Do not have a Jtag


Beer Money T Shirt

Front T Shirt

Back T Shirt

Jeff Hardy Creatures of the Night T Shirt


Back T Shirt