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Driving Test
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Thread: Driving Test

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    Startle Driving Test

    Ok so I'm in the age where every man and women have to take a driving test. I'll be taking mine tomorrow. Sometimes I get nervous around the driving instructor but when I drive by myself, I'm perfectly calm. So any tips for this young driver for tomorrow's test?

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    Re: Driving Test

    Imagine that it's GTA, don't be afraid to get out of your car during the test to steal another person car :P

    No but it's pretty easy. Just relax and pretend the Instructor guy/girl isn't even there.
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    Re: Driving Test

    What Idle said pretend like there not even there or if you drive fine with your parent then imagine the instructor as one of your parents.

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    Re: Driving Test

    imagine that your me Cloud Strife and you wont be afraid of anything
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    Re: Driving Test

    The important thing to remember is 10&2. They grade you on that. Other than that, as long as you do everything safely, you will be fine. They aren't looking for you to be a stunt driver or anything, they just want to make sure you understand the laws and can drive in a safe way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    imagine that your me Cloud Strife and you wont be afraid of anything
    You crack me up sometimes Cloud with your little funny comments :D
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    Re: Driving Test

    10and2 your seatbelt first... Relax you well be find
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    Re: Driving Test

    Yea, stay calm and make sure you drive around the area where your DMV is. x.x I drove in unfamiliar territory and failed 2. Practiced for two weeks straight - passed with flying colors. X.x I dont know if that helps.



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