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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Sorry I meant to get back to you sooner. I've tested it on a couple of saves, both modded and not modded and it's working fine for me so far.
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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Quote Originally Posted by kill_seth View Post
    If you're having problems upload your save and post it here... I said there would be bugs.

    ok here is my save kill_seth


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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    ok well thought i found a work around..guess it just decided to work for me..good luck all

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling Archer View Post
    im not getting that error message as well. i imported my player. it was working. but now its not.

    here is my save with an imported player.
    I fix the bug preventing your save from working. It's because I named the 4 blueprints with no name Unknown.

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    heres an updated save.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Anyone else having any problems? If not I'll release the update soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zulnex View Post
    That's the File Entry and not the Con Package.

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Okay well I started a fresh character Logan and I was able to mode his level to 69 (I didn't wanna hit the cap and pop the achievement) and I modded his cash to max. I also picked up a couple of items and modded those to like 1000 each just to test it out. It works fine. HOWEVER, now that I've beaten the prologue and I'm at Chapter 2 I've picked up more items and such. I wanted to go in the editor and mod them to like 9999 or something so I don't have to scavenge much the rest of the game but the error as returned. This is on a fresh save file btw...so I dunno what the issue is here.

    *EDIT* You know, now that I think of it... it's probably due to the DLC BBQ Mod you get after you get off the boat... if that's the case the only work around is to start a fresh character on chapter II because you obtain the mod right after hitting chapter I... ewww if that's the case.
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