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Question regarding achievement modding.
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    jest rabbit

    Question regarding achievement modding.

    Hello, does anyone know if you mod one achievement in a game that is offline only (or in a game where the achievement is obtainable offline) if it is possible to be caught and reset? Another question is how does Microsoft catch achievement modding? I can't seem to find an answer. Thank you.

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    Haven Mangekyo Sharigan Master

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    Re: Question regarding achievement modding.

    All Achievement popping using a program runs a risk of getting caught.. Even though you put a time, year and date.. doesn't mean its on MS Live servers.. I'll give a example... A online only achievement runs a higher risk of getting caught, because it does not register on Live if you use a program to pop it... Vs a one that's Offline.. Either way you can still get caught..

    I been working a on theory and it seems to work... I have not gotten mine reseted, yet.... But like I said the is no safe way.. I been popping achievement on old games, that are more than a 4 years old.. I'll pop one every few days that I have played and gotten a few legit achievements on.... I just don't do the whole game at once... That is asking for a reset..

    As for MS checking achievements no one knows... Could be tied to Warner running on Live. safes thing to do... "DOn't Use one"
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    Re: Question regarding achievement modding.

    Dont use programs do pop achievements. Period. Sometimes it will show up on MS servers and sometimes it wont. Its a good way to get caught



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