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    Re: Dead Island Riptide [ Moded Starter Saves ]

    Quote Originally Posted by xXxBeastxXx View Post
    Well I could give the skills back but it was just a test and i made the save more cleaner
    It definitely does look cleaner bud. haha
    But still waaaay too many weapons and they do uber low damage even though the modded ammo is always tight. Would it not be better to simply add modded ammo to the inventory? Plus with the massive skill kill(Massive amount of skill points) and the fact that you can always buy, find, loot, or just fix your weapons..I wouldn't think anyone really needs so many. But that's just my opinion.
    Also, since all the items are already unlocked you can't get an achievement(Is there even one, I don't recall but most likely there is.) for getting the items(collectables).

    I'm gonna go ahead and upload my most recent save(the one that currently freezes) so you can poke into the inventory(I assume you use the editor.) and add those weapons I got to your save(The one that works :P) so everyone can start off like a lvl 70 should. :)


    Hopefully this helps out somehow.

    *Edit 1*
    Also this seems pretty interesting. Idk if it'll be of any help to you.

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide [ Starter Saves ]All characters

    Thanks for the share, should be fun!

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    Dead Island Riptide [ Moded Starter Saves ]

    Quote Originally Posted by xXxBeastxXx View Post
    Hello guys i bring you this save for DEAD ISLAND Riptide. It starts from ch.2 so this is a starter save. The save has the following.

    Character available John


    Every Meele Weapon ( you only have 1 qty as they are Unbreakable)
    Every Fire Arm With 999999 ammo

    Max cash- 1,000,000,000

    Skill Tree Completed

    Level 70

    Credit: to PK89 for his save, and to GDRDRDG for testing and

    ********THE SAVE FILE SAYS ITS JOHN LEVEL SOMETHING, IGNORE THAT WHEN YOU LOAD UP THE SAVE EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE AND SAVE NAME WILL BE FIX********There is a minigun but it will freeze your game, only works with iso mods.



    Remember to Rehash/Resing with your IDS, Thanks
    Its no longer active?


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