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Don't starve in game item spawner
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    Don't starve in game item spawner

    I finally found something good for this game without trying trainers that either don't work or only have one option

    This tool let's you spawn items in game along with many other great options

    To install this mod you need to open up your game folder navigate and open the mod folder

    Drag and drop the test tools folder in the mod folder i already have it so i don't need to do it again

    After that open the modsettings.lua in notepad

    And then add this line to the file ModManager:AddMod("Test Tools")

    Click save and then exit

    The mod should now be installed go start up your game you should get a notification stating you now have a new mod that has been installed


    The ability to spawn:
    Uncraftable items
    Food items

    Toggles for:
    God mode (invincibility)
    Speed boost
    Free crafting (unlocks and disables the crafting cost for all recipes)
    Time scale boost (increase the rate at which time passes)

    Allows you to teleport
    Allows you to uncover the entire map
    Allows you to skip to the next day or cycle
    Allows you to skip to the next season
    Allows you to delete items and entities
    Allows you to change characters

    How to use

    After loading into the game press the F1 or \ to open the Test Tools menu

    Use the key bindings listed below:
    F1 or \ = toggle menu
    Ctrl + X = spawn item
    Ctrl + T = spawn food
    Shift + Z = spawn entity
    Shift + R = spawn object
    Ctrl + C = toggle free crafting (unlocks and disables the crafting cost for all recipes)
    Ctrl + R = toggle speed boost
    Ctrl + G = toggle god mode
    Ctrl + V = toggle time scale increase (increase the rate at which time passes)
    Shift + F = skip to next day
    Shift+ G = skip to next phase (day, dusk, night)
    Shift + C = change character
    Ctrl + Z = skip to next season
    Ctrl + I = toggle rain
    Alt+ R = reveal map (see below)
    Alt + T = hide map (see below)
    Ctrl + Shift + Left Click = teleport to mouse cursor
    Shift + [spawn key] = spawn item at mouse cursor
    Shift + B = delete entity or object under mouse cursor
    Ctrl + Right Click = save/bookmark players current location (only saved for the current session)
    Shift + Right Click = teleport to bookmarked location

    Click icon

    Pass: 360Haven

    If you have VIP i will be posting the game in that section which will already have this installed

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    Re: Don't starve in game item spawner

    nice share boss... as always..
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    Re: Don't starve in game item spawner

    good share for this game :)
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