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Thread: Fuse

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    I was wondering if anyone else is looking foward to the game Fuse for xbox due for release may 28th. if so, do u kno of any good information sites about it? im also hopeing someone will be able to make a save editor for it.

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    Re: Fuse

    Hmm... never heard of it, may go look it up later........

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    Re: Fuse

    i barely heard about it the other day but no im not getting the game doesnt look very good IMO
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    Re: Fuse

    I won't be getting it as it looks rather crap

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    Re: Fuse

    well. to each his own, but could yall who think its crappy lookin tell where u saw the info that gave u this opinion. im just tryin to get as much info about it as possible cuz i really like co-op shooters

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    Re: Fuse

    Here ya go:


    I'm not getting it either. Aside from the fact that I just generally don't like EA in the first place (especially after killing Dead Space 3), I'm also running low on cash and I need to appropriate it as much as I can for weights and a new hoodie and sweatpants. I won't even be able to get my coveted Wii U for another year or so at least, so 360 games in general are just gonna be on the back burner for a while, and that goes triple for anything released by EA.

    Now, if Sega decided to release Shenmue 3 or something, then weights be damned, I'm getting that game. But not for just some average shooter. I'm so tired of shooters it isn't even funny. ;_;
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    Not getting it EA can suck a lemon lol
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    Insomniac should have stuck to the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank series as this looks terrible. As for EA, the less said about these jackals the better.

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