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trouble modding dishonored. what is payload
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    trouble modding dishonored. what is payload

    this is my first post and havent built up any street cred yet. but from what i have read and can tell love the forums!! the question i have is when i attempt to you use the dishonored save from horizon its saving the file as "payload" ive modded alot of my games but this is a first! what the hell is that meaning? once I try to load the file with the save editor it flashes an error am i doing something wrong here?

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    Re: trouble modding dishonored. what is payload

    With this save you need to right click the game save, and export it to desktop or location you desire. It will be a dishonored2 or a different number will follow. this will be what you will use in the editor. Remember to get the count of coins and runes prior to doing this or you will not be able to continue. Also make a back up CYA...

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    Re: trouble modding dishonored. what is payload

    Greetings Guys & Gals,
    Here's my problem; I'm hoping someone out there can help me.I've watched all the Dishonored tutorials. I've followed t the instructions to the letter, i.e coin count, rune count, etc.
    No matter what I do I can't get it to load into the x box. After I load the file to the xbox, I open the game and load the game save, the xbox locks up. Obviously somewhere something went wrong in either the save or ???

    Granted it always gives me that warning about this may not work for you, etc. but come on!

    What am I doing wrong?

    It was recommended that I saves the game after I get the first rune at the Pub. So everything I've been saving is from that save.

    FYI I did finish the game, but now i'm playing it again to finish getting the other achievements. I thought having maxed out runes and coins might help a little.

    Anyone got any suggestions? Anyone want to mod it for me? lol



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