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trainer android game how create?
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    trainer android game how create?

    Hello guys
    and the first time I want to try to make trainer for android platform for games not want to go off topic, and I wanted to ask if anyone knows some program to write trainer and show me how to make them!
    I wanted to create a free program, are first experience, I generally use third-party programs to unlock archives and coins.
    I accept suggestions
    If the trhead created by me or offends not good for the forum I ask the Administrator to cancel and notify me.

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    Re: trainer android game how create?

    I can't really say anyone around here is particuarly experienced with android, i myself am trying but i cannot for the life of me tolerate java or the environments usable to construct it, having been spoilt by Visual Studio all this time.

    What i do know however is you are pretty much going to end up making a single purpose version of the very 3rd party tools you use now (gamecih and gameguardian i imagine?) so getting hold of some source for them would be a great step in the right direction.

    A popular IDE is eclipse which has addons specifically for android, not that i enjoy it much, the best word i can come up with to describe the entire experience is 'clusterfuck'.
    If you're really serious you will want to take yourself over to google and grab the sdk which among other things will provide you with an emulator and some links to the addon for eclipse etc.
    It would be of benefit to you to perhaps study how trainers for the pc are made, how android even works to begin with and the general crafting of an app designed to interfere with other apps memory.

    Unless you have a background in this sort of thing I'm going to have to politely suggest you might be hitting way out of your league, i know i sure would be; But don't let that stop you, never stops me.
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