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WWE 13 Textures
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Thread: WWE 13 Textures

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    Fire WWE 13 Textures

    Is there any plans for a importer for retail? Everyone that i have asked for help w/ running my pt file through there jtag console has told me to go purchase a jtag 360. Well what they and you guys do not know is that it took all the money i had to get my 360 that i have and do not have any extra $$$ for another 360. Encase your answer is boo hoo sorry for you about my situation well my suggestion to you is that just maybe you should have mentioned that you need a 2nd 360 to achive the texture import. please tell me someone is working on a texture importer that does not require you to have a jtag'd 360.

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    Re: WWE 13 Textures

    Pretty sure that's not gona happen. Closest you'll get it downloading modded paint tools from Community Creations

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    Re: WWE 13 Textures

    I think only me ;)
    I can inject Logos from another PT
    Delete your Logos
    Extract your Logos
    Create an Viewer
    Inject the Image I need only the last calculation

    The Problem are I have no idea how this calculation work this make my really sick coz Im so close.

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    Re: WWE 13 Textures

    the modding community needs 2 work together microsoft already gets enough of our money :)



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