From what I've seen on the threads here, people seem to be asking quite a bit about where stuff is at on the website and how to access things. So if the Admins/Moderators will allow me, I'll put up a quick how to in this thread!

This was a post from Sephiroth on activity:

Junior member > Member > Senior member.
Renatus > Senior member.

Junior members need 30 posts to become member and 100 posts to become a senior member.
Renatus doesn't have the member promotion so they have to reach 100 posts to become a senior member.

There are several ways to get rid of both Inactive and Renatus (Second Chance) that don't involve posting (donate, develop tools, produce art, etc).

If you want to give someone +Rep, then look for this star.

The Shop
If you have Souls and you want to Deposit/Withdraw them from the bank, then look for vbPlaza like in the picture.
You can purchase items from the shop as well.

Login Form Editors
Part of a post by Emerald Lance:
The reason login forms are used in editors is to make sure that only members of 360haven can use them.

Login Form Editors require users to be ACTIVE in order to use them.

If you want to Donate or want to become a VIP... Then simply click on the link as shown in the picture above.

If I find anything else on the site that hasn't been answered, then I'll update this thread if it's still around when I get to searching.