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[PS3] - Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland - Cheat Codes
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    [PS3] - Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland - Cheat Codes

    ; "Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland (Totori no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2)"
    ; Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland
    ; BLUS30735
    ;From Game Genie For PS3
    [Reset Game Save Time]
    2003840F 00000000
    [Basket Holds 100 Items]
    000383FA 00000064
    [Max Adv Points]
    2003B6D2 0098967F
    [Max Cole]
    20009554 0098967F
    [No Cole]
    20009554 00000000
    ; --- Reset Year/Month/Day ---
    [Year 1]
    00039A33 00000000
    [Month 1]
    00039A37 00000000
    [Day 1]
    00039A3B 00000000
    ; --- Characters ---
    ; --- Totori ---
    [Max Level]
    00009567 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    20009568 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    1000956E 000003E7
    1000957A 000003E7
    100095AE 000003E7
    20009594 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    1000957E 000003E7
    10009572 000003E7
    100095B2 000003E7
    20009598 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    10009576 000003E7
    10009582 000003E7
    100095B6 000003E7
    2000959C 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    100095BA 000003E7
    10009586 000003E7
    200095A0 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    100095BE 000003E7
    1000958A 000003E7
    200095A4 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    1000958E 000003E7
    100095C2 000003E7
    200095A8 000003E7
    ; --- Gino ---
    [Max Level]
    000096F3 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    200096F4 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    100096FA 000003E7
    10009706 000003E7
    1000973A 000003E7
    20009720 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    1000970A 000003E7
    100096FE 000003E7
    1000973E 000003E7
    20009724 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    10009702 000003E7
    1000970E 000003E7
    10009742 000003E7
    20009728 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    10009746 000003E7
    10009712 000003E7
    2000972C 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    1000974A 000003E7
    10009716 000003E7
    20009730 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    1000971A 000003E7
    1000974E 000003E7
    20009734 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    2000986C 42A00000
    ; --- Mimi ---
    [Max Level]
    0000987F 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    20009880 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    10009886 000003E7
    10009892 000003E7
    100098C6 000003E7
    200098AC 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    10009896 000003E7
    1000988A 000003E7
    100098CA 000003E7
    200098B0 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    1000988E 000003E7
    1000989A 000003E7
    100098CE 000003E7
    200098B4 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    100098D2 000003E7
    1000989E 000003E7
    200098B8 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    100098D6 000003E7
    100098A2 000003E7
    200098BC 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    100098A6 000003E7
    100098DA 000003E7
    200098C0 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    200099F8 42A00000
    ; --- Melvia ---
    [Max Level]
    00009A0B 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    20009A0C 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    10009A12 000003E7
    10009A1E 000003E7
    10009A52 000003E7
    20009A38 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    10009A22 000003E7
    10009A16 000003E7
    10009A56 000003E7
    20009A3C 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    10009A1A 000003E7
    10009A26 000003E7
    10009A5A 000003E7
    20009A40 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    10009A5E 000003E7
    10009A2A 000003E7
    20009A44 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    10009A62 000003E7
    10009A2E 000003E7
    20009A48 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    10009A32 000003E7
    10009A66 000003E7
    20009A4C 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    20009B84 42A00000
    ; --- Marc ---
    [Max Level]
    00009B97 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    20009B98 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    10009B9E 000003E7
    10009BAA 000003E7
    10009BDE 000003E7
    20009BC4 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    10009BAE 000003E7
    10009BA2 000003E7
    10009BE2 000003E7
    20009BC8 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    10009BA6 000003E7
    10009BB2 000003E7
    10009BE6 000003E7
    20009BCC 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    10009BEA 000003E7
    10009BB6 000003E7
    20009BD0 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    10009BEE 000003E7
    10009BBA 000003E7
    20009BD4 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    10009BBE 000003E7
    10009BF2 000003E7
    20009BD8 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    20009D10 42A00000
    ; --- Rorona ---
    [Max Level]
    00009D23 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    20009D24 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    10009D2A 000003E7
    10009D36 000003E7
    10009D6A 000003E7
    20009D50 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    10009D3A 000003E7
    10009D2E 000003E7
    10009D6E 000003E7
    20009D54 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    10009D32 000003E7
    10009D3E 000003E7
    10009D72 000003E7
    20009D58 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    10009D76 000003E7
    10009D42 000003E7
    20009D5C 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    10009D7A 000003E7
    10009D46 000003E7
    20009D60 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    10009D4A 000003E7
    10009D7E 000003E7
    20009D64 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    20009E9C 42A00000
    ; --- Sterk ---
    [Max Level]
    00009EAF 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    20009EB0 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    10009EB6 000003E7
    10009EC2 000003E7
    10009EF6 000003E7
    20009EDC 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    10009EC6 000003E7
    10009EBA 000003E7
    10009EFA 000003E7
    20009EE0 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    10009EBE 000003E7
    10009ECA 000003E7
    10009EFE 000003E7
    20009EE4 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    10009F02 000003E7
    10009ECE 000003E7
    20009EE8 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    10009F06 000003E7
    10009ED2 000003E7
    20009EEC 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    10009ED6 000003E7
    10009F0A 000003E7
    20009EF0 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    2000A028 42A00000
    ; --- Ceci ---
    [Max Level]
    0000A03B 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    2000A03C 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    1000A042 000003E7
    1000A04E 000003E7
    1000A082 000003E7
    2000A068 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    1000A052 000003E7
    1000A046 000003E7
    1000A086 000003E7
    2000A06C 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    1000A04A 000003E7
    1000A056 000003E7
    1000A08A 000003E7
    2000A070 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    1000A08E 000003E7
    1000A05A 000003E7
    2000A074 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    1000A092 000003E7
    1000A05E 000003E7
    2000A078 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    1000A062 000003E7
    1000A096 000003E7
    2000A07C 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    2000A1B4 42A00000
    ; --- Iksel ---
    [Max Level]
    0000A1C7 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    2000A1C8 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    1000A1CE 000003E7
    1000A1DA 000003E7
    1000A20E 000003E7
    2000A1F4 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    1000A1DE 000003E7
    1000A1D2 000003E7
    1000A212 000003E7
    2000A1F8 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    1000A1D6 000003E7
    1000A1E2 000003E7
    1000A216 000003E7
    2000A1FC 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    1000A21A 000003E7
    1000A1E6 000003E7
    2000A200 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    1000A21E 000003E7
    1000A1EA 000003E7
    2000A204 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    1000A1EE 000003E7
    1000A222 000003E7
    2000A208 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    2000A340 42A00000
    ; --- Cordelia ---
    [Max Level]
    0000A353 00000032
    [Max EXP]
    2000A354 0098967F
    [Max HP]
    1000A35A 000003E7
    1000A366 000003E7
    1000A39A 000003E7
    2000A380 000003E7
    [Max MP]
    1000A36A 000003E7
    1000A35E 000003E7
    1000A39E 000003E7
    2000A384 000003E7
    [Max LP]
    1000A362 000003E7
    1000A36E 000003E7
    1000A3A2 000003E7
    2000A388 000003E7
    [Max ATK]
    1000A3A6 000003E7
    1000A372 000003E7
    2000A38C 000003E7
    [Max DEF]
    1000A3AA 000003E7
    1000A376 000003E7
    2000A390 000003E7
    [Max SPD]
    1000A37A 000003E7
    1000A3AE 000003E7
    2000A394 000003E7
    [Max Relationship]
    2000A4CC 42A00000
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    Re: [PS3] - Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland - Cheat Codes

    this game looks a bit like eternal sonata , very nice cheats share sephi
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    Another great set of codes Seph great share bro :)
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    Re: [PS3] - Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland - Cheat Codes

    now this is a game i will never play , but very nice list of codes :D
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