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useing downloade save games
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    What useing downloade save games

    hi guys never used save games downloaded before got set for silent hill homecoming can someone advise how i use them on my 360 thanks.

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    Re: useing downloade save games

    But there is an existing thread that explains a bit:

    And here's a vid I found on Youtube on using Horizon:

    I have used Modio and Horizon to resign saves and they have worked well for me, but you should try both and see which you're more comfortable with. If you have any specific questions I'm sure someone here can answer.
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    Re: useing downloade save games

    thanks for your response helpful but i am total noob to this really need step by step for total beginner cheers anyways

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    Re: useing downloade save games

    There is a tutorial here in the tutorial section right at top of first page...step by step...http://www.360haven.com/forums/threa...ed-game-saves/



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