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WWE 13 Music Files Replacement
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    WWE 13 Music Files Replacement

    Greetings Everyone!! I am a new here and appreciate all the hard work the expert modders have done here releasing their tools for people like me that want to make their games much more entertaining.But anyways I haven't seen anything on replacing the music files for WWE 13 for the XBOX 360!! I wonder if it can be possible cause I hate having to hear Otunga's theme and others that just seem to loop and loop over again!! So I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone about this subject!!

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    Re: WWE 13 Music Files Replacement

    I was just thinking of this yesterday. Actually was more thinking it'd be great to eidt the audio from some of the Attitude Era cutscenes that have the shockingly bad censoring of "WWF" and "Word Wrestling Federation", replacing them with the audio ripped from the old episodes of Raw Is War I have.

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    Re: WWE 13 Music Files Replacement

    Sooner or later I hope someone figures out how to do it!! Yes that would be awesome to put in the audio WWF/World Wrestling Federation!!

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    Re: WWE 13 Music Files Replacement

    Same here, would also like to add different audio to this great game!

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    Re: WWE 13 Music Files Replacement

    This would be interesting... wouldnt have to listen to David Otunga's music in the menu anymore

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    Re: WWE 13 Music Files Replacement

    i would put the best songs from the smackdown vs raw series 2006 was my fav
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