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WWE 2K14 Amazing Idea if they can do it why not WWE 2K14
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    twist and flip

    WWE 2K14 Amazing Idea if they can do it why not WWE 2K14


    Being able to own your own brand without Vince and you are the Owner able to upload your face in the game and choose what city you want it to be your home and the rest traveling


    As the owner, you maintain full control over pricing on everything from tickets and merchandise to concessions and parking. Fans may love $20 tickets, but that’s not going to keep your team out of the red. Conversely, most folks won’t pay $10 for a hot dog, so pricing yourself right out of the market won’t help either. I mean imagine be able to make your own merchandise threw the paint tool and uploading on the game on a shirt etc...


    As the WWE has grown in popularity, stadiums have continued to get bigger and more opulent. Newer venues boast some incredible amenities, and many teams in older buildings are doing everything they can to keep up. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain an attractive stadium and make it a destination where fans want to come spend their time and money. You’ll have to plan your upgrades carefully though, as all stadiums have a maximum upgrade capacity.

    In the event your team’s home just can’t keep up with the Joneses, you’ve also got the option to rebuild your field from the ground up. Building a new stadium is an expensive proposition, so you’d best make sure this is a place appealing to your team’s fans and that the house is packed every weekend.

    1. Create a belt make logo in paint tool and upload it in the game into CAB and being able to put your logo on the belt itself

    2. being able to buy any legend or hall of famer and add them to your brand

    3. being able to buy Video titantron of the wrestler of your choice threw MS Points as long as it not in breach of a different brand

    4. being to buy classic Tag Teams and add them to your brand

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    Re: WWE 2K14 Amazing Idea if they can do it why not WWE 2K14

    interesting idea, doubt we'll see it any time soon though

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    Re: WWE 2K14 Amazing Idea if they can do it why not WWE 2K14

    Not bad idea, sounds good. But the first thing they should to do is to make the things easy on the "edition" thing.
    There´s a lot of work in a CAW for to look good, it would be more easy if we can import textures directly, but in
    the correct way. For example, each model has its 3d shape and its textures, as easy as the ability to export to
    a 3D program and photoshop via usb (open code??), to change the mesh and the textures and import again in the
    game, no worries about if is retail or not.......result...new characters, good caws, etc...

    Exactly, something similar to Brienj programs, but without the need of create a new program each year. After years I guess
    that is boring to find a way to create programs to edit all. Is in the hands of the programers. I expect a lot from 2K, not all, ok,
    but I have a serious doubts about that while there "2" guys are still working on this game.


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    Re: WWE 2K14 Amazing Idea if they can do it why not WWE 2K14

    1.This should be the least of there worries, Bug fixing, and better game play should be the focus
    2.Maybe you can run a promotion, but i assume, it will be all generated/created wrestlers in it,
    3.If your into it, Check out the game EWR(Extreme Warfare Revenge) just based on your ideas, I think you'd enjoy playing this booking game, I've spent 2-3 years on this game lol =)
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    Re: WWE 2K14 Amazing Idea if they can do it why not WWE 2K14

    Not Bad ; But I think 2k Would Never do Anything like That

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    Re: WWE 2K14 Amazing Idea if they can do it why not WWE 2K14

    Good Idea I'm all for more freedom would add to play value of the game as well



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