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Regarding multiple issues on the Xbox One
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    Regarding multiple issues on the Xbox One


    Regarding this.... "If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards" a quote from the mind of Don Mattrick says that the Xbox1 will not be Backwards Compatible.... i for one was infuriated when i read this mostly due to the fact i have games that recently came out for this Gen of consoles IE: Defiance and i feel as if i wasted money by buying the game. but then it dawned on me the xbox one has an HDMI IN port and my mind began racing.. this console is said to control everything you want it to control so theoretically what stops you from simply connecting your old X360 console into the xbox 1 hdmi in port and simply playing your old console using the new console? to me this would be a bacwards half ass way of doing things, but i honestly would prefer this over no backwards compatibility at all...


    i know some of you may hate me for this.... but i like this idea.... but in the way i am imagining it.
    I see this Used Game Restriction the same way i see a PC game... i cant go to gamestop and get Halo 2 PC used... i see the xbox pushing in the same direction as steam where if i buy amnesia and install it to steam with my steam account i can play with no restrictions, lets say i want to lend my game to a friend i can allow him to take the disk install and have him log into my steam name to play, but if he decides to play on his own name it will say he needs to purchase amnesia. i agree with countless people that this is a console and we have rights as to what we do with our games that we buy, but we live in a world where Gamestop can buy a game off of me for 10$ then put the game back on their shelves for 300% more than what they paid for it.... here is my personal example i went into gamestop to buy defiance i had the funds to buy it new but the gamestop employee said they had a used copy i was excited because i was able to possibly save a few dollars. after he charges the game and takes my rewards cards to get the percentage off the game i ended up paying 64.80$ while the original new game price is 65.80$ using my card so i only paid 1 dollar less, and trion wouldnt see the money i paid because it was used... honestly i was pissed to see this on my receipt and i asked the employee why so much if it is used he said its still a new game :/ then proceeded to give me a buy one get one free coupon and a 25% off used game coupon.

    anyway im ending this here i could keep going but im waiting for E3 before i make any decisions post your thoughts i am interested in reading what you guys think.

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    Re: Regarding multiple issues on the Xbox One

    the xbox one seems horrible right now. who wants to talk to a box all day

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    Re: Regarding multiple issues on the Xbox One

    1) How exactly is your friend going to log onto your profile w/o some sort of account recovery?

    2) It's been speculated that they'll use a similar system towards game installation like they do DLC, so that it's also tied to your console, requiring license transfers or the outright repurchasing of licenses to play your own games

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    Re: Regarding multiple issues on the Xbox One

    Not being able to play used games is stupid...

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    Re: Regarding multiple issues on the Xbox One

    The idea of having your games locked to your account worries me, in that we have multiple people with xboxes in our house and frequently swap games. Now, if someone wanted to try out a game I had on their system, I would have to log my account onto their system or they would pay a fee to use it. I do not believe that Microsoft is going to allow your account to be running on separate systems at the same time, so I would have to wait for them to finish before I could play on my own system. Granted, we could all just never use anyone else's games, but that kind of sucks.

    Still, I'll wait to hear what they have to reveal at E3. Hopefully there will be a lot of things to actually look forward to.........Come on, new Killer Instinct!.....



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