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Modding xbox360 on a different xbl acc?
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    yar Modding xbox360 on a different xbl acc?


    If i made a different xbox live account and modded my xbox to play burned games and i only play those burned games on my second xbox live account can my main xbox live account get banned? Because i still want to play with my friends and earn achievement on my normal/main account.

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    Re: Modding xbox360 on a different xbl acc?

    Generally it's not your account that gets banned. It'll be the modded xbox that gets banned. You're better off getting two xbox's, one that's stock and one that's modded that you play offline with.

    Even if you only use the 2nd profile to play your backups offline you still run the risk of getting banned once the primary profile goes online.

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    Re: Modding xbox360 on a different xbl acc?

    I have had my flashed console for nearly 4 years and have not been console banned apart from when microsofts banning method screwed up and banned a few people for no reason i was unbanned after a month of investigation it just shows you that burning your games and being absolutely careful making sure you keep up to date on things you will be fine and as for your question only the console will be banned your accounts should be fine



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