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[Tutorial] Newbie Guide: Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves
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    Newbie Guide: Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves

    This tutorial is for first timers that never used some one elses game save and has no idea how to transfer saves or rehash them.

    This is for anyone. You do not need a Jtag/Rgh modded system to do this. Any one with a standard xbox 360 can accomplish this simple task with in a few mintues.

    Things you need

    1. An xbox 360 formatted usb flash drive 32gig is the limit on standard consoles, or an Transfer cable if you do not have a flash drive and has a standard old first gen fat xbox and were not able to update it to use a flash drive or just does not have internet access to update your xbox then use the transfer cable. A transfer cable can be bought at gamestop and a flash drive can be bought anywhere like staples, radioshack, kinkos, etc. I recomend the flash drive it is a far superior method of transfering data between xbox and PC unless you cannot update your xbox via xbox live to use flash drives. (most people should be able to use a flash drive since this dash update is pretty old.)

    2. You need a PC with at least Windows XP with service pack 3 or later. I recommend XP or Win 7.
    If you are using Win XP make sure your Netframework 3.5 on XP and 4 on vista and 4.5 on 7 (Get free from Microsoft website) as well as java updated fully, so that you will have no problem running editors and apps. Java is a ORACLE product and its free make sure you only get it from the oracle official site... anywhere else could just be a trojan.

    3. Downloaded game save or a friends game save (the game save can be modded with an save editor it will not matter)

    4. A program that can explore your xbox 360 hard drive or Flash Drive. I will supply 360 tools by infinity or Horizon install for Win XP for this purpose attached at the bottom. I am merely distributing it, credit for these apps go to there respective creators.

    If You Have everything......

    Okay now you are ready to begin.

    If you already have a Flash drive with data on it then skip step 1 and 2 below.

    1. If you have not formatted your flash drive then please plug it in to your xbox. Go to Dash, go to memory section and you should see your flash drive. click on it and select it and choose to configure this device as an xbox memory unit. Choose how much space you want to allocate towards yours game saves and DLC. it will start process and let you know when its finish.

    2. To make things easy to put in this Blank memory..go to your game saves on your Hard drive and copy your profile or game save to the newly created Flash drive. so that it gets setup with folders automatically. You also need something in here that you can get your system id and profile id from so thats why we are coping something to the blank Flash drive.

    Now for the tutorial part that matters...say you want to use a modded game save like from the new Tomb Raider and you just downloaded it.

    3. Plug your Xbox 360 Flash drive or transfer cable with HD attached into you PC.

    4.(Turn off your internet so 360tools cant update) Open up 360 tools by infinity (on Win vista and Win 7 right click and run as Admin.)

    After program opens

    5. Go to tab "Device Explorer" if you had Flash drive or Hard drive plugged in it should already show up on this tab if not just click on it and explore your flash drive. It has three partitions labeled 1.system extended 2.Data 3.Cache. You should see it with what ever you copied in the 2.data/profile(must click to see games)/games.

    6. Now leave that for a minute and go to tab "open File"

    7. Now select the save file you wish to put in to your xbox. The one You downloaded or modded. It will pop up in small window with game info and details of who the save belongs to. Right now its not you. So your xbox wont let you use it. Have no fear. We will show that box who is boss.

    8. go back to device explorer and go to your flash drive and select one of your own game save or your Gamer profile and right click and say open in package explorer. It should open up in another small window just like the other downloaded game save file you opened earlier.

    Do not mix up the two. Know which one is yours and which one is downloaded.

    9. Go to your game save and first high light the entire section in "Profile ID" - its a 16 digit value. Copy it

    10. Go to the downloaded game save window you have open and paste your PROFILE ID over the one already there.

    11. Go back to your game save window. Now go to the "Device ID section" copy the 40 digit value.

    12. Go back to the downloaded save and paste your Device ID over the one already there.

    13. Hit the big box at bottom "SAVE-Rehash/Resign" it will tell you when its finish. A few seconds no more than ten.

    14. Now go back to device explorer and navigate to the part of your flash drive that has the game saves. If you already got a main folder for the game you are putting a save for then you can click that root folder of the game and right click.it will say inject with non auto folders. go ahead and select it. then a window pops up and asks you to choose the location of the file you wish to inject, so go ahead and select the downloaded save file we just finished coping your system data to and inject that. If you Dont Have a ROOT folder for the game that you want to put a game save for then Do this instead. Instead of right clicking on the Game parent folder which you dont have, then right click on the Profile folder that contains your profile and other data...its labeled "00010000" right click here and select inject with AUTO FOLDERS. This will create the required folders and you are DONE.

    15. Close every thing out and eject your flash drive properly using PC and plug in to your xbox 360. ENJOY SOME ONE ELSES HARD WORK WITH a few seconds of your time.

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    Re: Newbie Guide to Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves

    nice Tut. hopefully there will be less questions about USB modding now.
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    Alert Warning. If you are reading this, then you wasted your time.

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    Re: Newbie Guide to Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves

    yeah thanks thats why i did it..seems like some people were posting in random threads for game saves with this question and not getting a proper break down...hope i made it clear enough....

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    Re: Newbie Guide to Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves

    i think that how to's like this one need to be stickied to the top of the save game sections that way there are not 90000 threads asking how to use them .

    btw great tut very clear and easy to understand it will help a few people

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    Re: Newbie Guide to Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves

    very nice tut you made solid prime
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    Great TuT Solid Prime :) keep it up
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    Re: Newbie Guide to Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves

    yeah can a site moderator make this a sticky thread...so thats its always on top and people wont post everywher asking where to find it, instead of searching although the search option in here is unreliable as i searched "Resident Evil Revelations" and i know for fact there is a thread here on this site for save editor but search wont find it google does...so if this is stuck up top would be appreciated...

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    Re: Newbie Guide to Using some one elses downloaded Game saves and modded saves

    I am not a newbie, but this post will be useful to anyone who does not know what they are doing. Hope it becomes sticky
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