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Check this guy out.
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    Check this guy out.

    I just accidentally saw this video of a guy talking $h!# about 360haven. I didn't watch the whole video and I just think it's funny.

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    Re: Check this guy out.

    Yeah we know about him he was banned on here and after that he went and raged he is the most dumbest person who thinks he's smart he acts as if he is a modding god who knows everything the stuff he was posting was nothing to be proud of considering it was just a compiled compilation of tools he never even made i think i can even do that lol

    I also fixed the video to now show on the site

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    Re: Check this guy out.

    yup he is the loser that got banned from here and said he was going to take us down, looks like it didnt work lol, he's not even a modder so i dont even know why he calls himself the modderking lol
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    All I heard was "waaaaaaa waaaaaaa blubber waaaaaaaa"

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    Lmao what a fucking loser seriously the guy is so full of shit talking all the crap I'm glad he got his ass ban we don't need people like him here.
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    Re: Check this guy out.

    I was gonna listen to it to see if the trolling was awesome but I had to stop at "...these guys are raping you out of money." lol. This guy isn't even worth the view, I would actually take that video down so he fades away into the nothing that he truly is...

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    Re: Check this guy out.

    wow.. people in the world today... stop playing it @ 0.01
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    Re: Check this guy out.

    What the hell is this dude bitching about exactly? First I thought he was complaining that people were getting charged for mods(Shit is free) and then he complains that they're getting mods for free(wtf)...so his main complaint was not getting paid for whatever the fuck it was he did and not getting his ass kissed?

    Still a pretty funny video I guess.."I don't submit to anyone except for myself."
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