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[Stolen] State of Decay Modded Start
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    State of Decay Modded Start

    Description: The following Site(s) Has taken my State of Decay Modded Start from 360haven without my permission, and failed to even give credit.

    Copied from url: http://www.360haven.com/forums/threa...ed-start-save/

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    Re: State of Decay Modded Start

    That is a very lowlife move why do something so stupid like steal someone's hard work??? Idle this has to be infuriating for you, i hope they get whats coming to them

    let this be a lesson to people who steal save games someone is always looking you will get caught

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    Re: State of Decay Modded Start

    at least, they should ask for your permission before posting your file elsewhere! (it's not a hard thing to do after pressing "thank" or give credit to where it belong to OR they may be too stupid to understand this) Really DONT like those who stolen your file or editor for themselves :|

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    Re: State of Decay Modded Start

    No matter if you ask for it to be only posted on this site and not anywhere else people will still do it which is a shame because no one has respect for other people on modding forums this is why i stay on here and now i'm part of the staff which is fantastic at least XboxMB has given credit now but if that Influence guy took credit for your save then well what a cock!

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    Re: State of Decay Modded Start

    Seems the Flying Donut on Game-Tuts has stolen alot of saves.
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    Re: State of Decay Modded Start

    For those wondering, this thread has obviously been cleaned up by The Ultimate Sephiroth, yeh... me, removing some unpleasant posts you know.
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    Re: State of Decay Modded Start

    What about the Ultimate Red Hulk, o wait im not Ultimate. Back to my Cave with loneliness.

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    Re: State of Decay Modded Start

    I don't understand why people have to take things from this site and act like its there own. Fucking whores.
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