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Campaign Urges Sony To Shun XBOX ONE'S Pre-Owned, and Online Policies.
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    Campaign Urges Sony To Shun XBOX ONE'S Pre-Owned, and Online Policies.

    Core gamers trigger #PS4noDRM campaign on Twitter

    Participants in a sprawling online campaign have urged key Sony executives to avoid replicating Xbox One pre-owned game fees and always-online technology.

    The movement, which began on NeoGAF, Reddit and Twitter, has targeted the likes of Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida, along with Sony America biz-dev exec Scott Rohde, as well as numerous other PR, development and communications bosses.
    Core games fans have sent a raft of messages to these key Sony executives on Twitter, asking the PlayStation firm to shun always-online requirements and pre-owned blocks with its next-gen system, PS4.

    Sony recently said it wouldn't even consider adopting always-online technology. However, there is some confusion over whether there will be a mandatory fee attached to used game sales. The PlayStation firm recently insisted that it would not block used games.

    The online campaign followed a challenging week for Microsoft, during which the company made numerous contradictory statements about the details of Xbox One's DRM and always-online policies.

    As it stands, Microsoft says it will still allow players to trade games and will tolerate offline play up to a point. The activation fee attached to each pre-owned game purchase is not finalised, nor is the length of time that Xbox One owners will be able to play offline.

    Now the reach of the #PS4noDRM campaign has extended to Microsoft executives, including Larry Hryb, Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison. The aim is to implore Microsoft to reverse its controversial pre-owned and always-online technologies for Xbox One.

    Some PlayStation executives have responded to the campaign already:

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    Re: Campaign Urges Sony To Shun XBOX ONE'S Pre-Owned, and Online Policies.

    and this is why im getting a ps4 :D
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    My balls are resting on the table, go on MS give em' a lil' suck.

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