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15000 posts and i think im done?
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    Startle 15000 posts and i think im done?

    so i have reached 15000 posts and i think im done doing this , its just too much to ask of one guy even though i have done an awesome job lol, plus i think Serious_M can handle the status Posting God or Spam God lol, its been a great ride but i just don't think i have it in me anymore to keep posting as much as i have been, some of you probably think i will keep going regardless of what i say lmao, but i seriously think its time for me to chill and back off of posting, if i don't i might go insane, strike that i probably already have gone insane , i will still post once and while but nowhere near like i was doing, unless some can convince me otherwise which i really doubt lol.

    i would also like to thank Serious_M, pureIso, Jkipp, Sterling Archer, and longy999, they were the ones i saw posting a lot, which made me want to surpass them lmao, everyone put up a good fight but i over came them all one by one ;), and a shout out to thegutta and Serious_M and Red Hulk who kept me on my toes even when i was far ahead of anyone lol.

    and another big thanks to Serious_M for going toe to toe with me on this posting war(okay maybe war is a little strong lol) you have been a great challenge bro, without you posting so much i probably would have stopped sooner lol

    and one last thanks to Sephiroth, Renegade, Feudalnate, JizzaBeez, Mojobojo, Genesis, Jappi88, cybersam, Magnus Hydra, fairchild, pureIso, basically all the staff for not banning or suspending me while i kept posting as much as i did lol
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    Re: 15000 posts and i think im done?

    I think I speak for everyone on 360Haven when saying. Don't leave, and if you do we will all miss you
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    My Name is Name

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    Re: 15000 posts and i think im done?

    Don't do it, Cloud! We all need an example to strive for! Remember, lifetime VIP was made specifically because you broke the mold! Those little glowy ball things under our names were made because you kept going for all of us! Everybody feels as welcome as they do because we have the same friendly neighborhood spam king to greet them all (every single last one of them).

    You're a hero to us all, and a damn fine soldier! You died for our posts so that we might be spared from eternal damnation! Without you, pureIso never would've been able to conquer his debilitating fear of dark leafy green vegetables, and Renegade never would've risen to become the assistant of the vice chairman of PCMI (Paper Cup Memorabilia International), and Idlehands88 never would've won the school bake-off against that pretty two-shoes Bridget Harrington, and cybersam never would've been able to keep his licensing to show advertisements for Mentos in the local commercials, and Sinatra never would've been able to save up enough money to buy that 4-speed power drill and fix his patio, and MagnusHydra never would've been able to market his love of smooth jazz to the guys that make elevator music.

    Don't you get it? Don't you understand? You're the pillar of strength that we all stand upon to achieve our own greatness in your name! You're our king and savior! Don't leave me, my love, for I will never find another man like you, and I will never love again! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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    Re: 15000 posts and i think im done?

    It's like you believe the option to stop is yours to make
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    and lots of different weapons with amazing effects but if you don't nail that 30 seconds, you're not going to have a great game." ~Jamie Griesemer (Halo 2 Design Lead)

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    Re: 15000 posts and i think im done?

    your activity was always 100% here at 360 haven and with 15000 posts you achieve a super awesome milestone cloud.
    And now its indeed time to chill so that i can keep up with you again lol , and if i get close again you can go beserk again hahahaha.
    the only posting god spam king is you cloud , I can,t take your title its yours . , your always inspire me to post a lot so a big thanks to you too bro .
    keep up your awesome work here as a SuperMod your the best
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    Re: 15000 posts and i think im done?

    It will be strange nit seeing you in the comments I kno I haven't been a member a long time but I seen u top guys in every post which I kno would be hard So I'm with you if u say time for a break. Good luck bro and don't be a stranger

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    Re: 15000 posts and i think im done?

    i will be missing all your spam :(
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    Re: 15000 posts and i think im done?

    End of an Era..................When you first became a mod I asked you if you would stop (in the back of my mind I thought that you would). Thanks honestly if it wasn't for you serious & thegutta I probably would not have posted as much content as I have the reason being is that I have posted content on other sites without so much as a peep from other members & when I first posted here & seen the replies you guys posted it just made me want to do more. The difference between a great site & a mediocre site is people like you so thanks again you truly deserve a rest & an extra badge (Veteran)

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