Ok, so I am the curious type.. tech savvy but not well educated. I just mean I can pick up on things really quick, but I also havent learned much to do much.

With the release of legendary Skyrim, I am back on that game again, and wondered if there were iso mods for it. I saw there are jtag rgh mods, but I didnt see anything for regular iso mods. And that brings me to my question, and I will try to word it as best I can.

What determines what games can be iso modded or can't be? How is it riptide can be all kinds of done up in the iso, and played without jtag/rgh, but something like skyrim for instance can't seem to be touched? I mean, is there some kind of archetype that is different or language or whatever? Is it that it cant be done, it is just too labor intensive to really get into it for little no appreciation?

And I promise, I wont TL:DR ... I really would like to know.

Also, this seemed like the apropriate section to ask / discuss.. but if not.. oops.