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Expanding your Reputation - a Reminder‏
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    Expanding your Reputation - a Reminder‏

    Just go an email from Stack Overflow.

    We noticed you have not accepted our invitation to join Stack Overflow Careers. Only 3 days remain before it expires, and we’d love to have you. In case you missed the invitation, or never got it, here it is again:


    In recognition of your contributions to Stack Overflow, we’d like to invite you to create a professional profile on Stack Overflow Careers 2.0.

    A Careers 2.0 profile is a great place to showcase your professional work as a programmer – Stack Exchange answers, open source projects, even the books you’ve read.

    Click here to accept the invitation. It’s free!

    Even if you’re not looking for a new career today, your Careers 2.0 profile will be your professional home on the web. It lets your colleagues, friends, and peers know who you are and what great work you’re doing. It’s a terrific way to build your professional reputation and take your career to the next level. And it’s fun!

    You’ll always have complete control over what’s in your profile, who can see it, and whether or not employers can contact you.

    But please act soon: this invitation expires in 14 days, so sign up now!

    Even if you decide not to join Careers 2.0, we would like to thank you for all your contributions to Stack Overflow. It wouldn’t be the same without you.


    The Careers 2.0 team

    Very nice!! I would love to join, but i really have no time.. kinda busy with a lot things :(

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    Re: Expanding your Reputation - a Reminder‏

    Too bad you don't have the time, I certainly know that feeling :-/

    But nice nonetheless.

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    Re: Expanding your Reputation - a Reminder‏

    You've been contributing to overflow? and where was i?
    I can't help but wonder what the advantages would be, it seems like linkedin only.. slightly useful.
    The fact it's called careers 2.0 however immediately renders me limp, sickening.

    All in all, i fail to see the point, but then i wasn't invited nor have i ever contributed to the place so yeah.
    Guess an obligatory grats is in order and an additional applause for not giving a toss about it, hooray!
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    Re: Expanding your Reputation - a Reminder‏

    that is very cool Seph, too bad your time is slim these days, you never know maybe some day ;)
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    Re: Expanding your Reputation - a Reminder‏

    Yeah I have no idea what this is I thought this was another of those "Someone you've never met has invited you to LinkedIn!" spam, does SO have an actual use? Should I be LOLing or congratulating you on the recognition?



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