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how to uncorrupt a fable 3 save #legit
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    how to uncorrupt a fable 3 save #legit

    right as you all know many people have started playing fable 3 again... an many people have been complaining there save has been corrupted so here i am to show you how to uncorrupt it.

    1st put your corrupted save on a usb stick the use a tool to extract the game save to a folder named "fable" or whatever you want

    2nd drag the file into horizon the click contents then click extract all extract to the folder you just made (were you put the extracted save)

    3rd you will get 9 files with a .bin at the end off it you will delete the following files called "mainsave.bin" and "herosave.bin" (move to the recycle bin)

    4th you will see two files called the start with failquest rename this file from "failquestmainsave.bin" to "mainsave.bin" so basically delete the failquest bit. right onto the second file called "failquestherosave.bin" you will rename "failquestherosave.bin" to "herosave.bin"

    5th download this tool http://www.mediafire.com/?imh6g9u0orzuc8o

    6th click on the tool then a button will pop up saying fix click that button. now look for you folder were you put the save files and the actual game save the click on that folder it will highlight then press the ok button

    7th "FOR THIS STEP MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE MOST UP TO DATE VERSION OF HORIZON" open your fable 3 save into horizon then go to contents the delete the files called "failquestmainsave" and "failquestherosave.bin" then replace the "mainsave.bin" with the file named that in the folder were all your files from that save are. now do the same with the "herosave.bin" just replace it with the file named that in the folder were all your files from that save are.

    8th now replace the "checksumsave.bin" in your fable save with the one that is in the folder then save rehash&resign load it up and that should be it working

    9th if you have done these steps correctly and your save is still corrupted there is no fixing it so you may as well delete the save

    P.S this might not stay working because apparently the fable 3 title update detects if something is wrong with the save or something similar
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    Re: how to uncorrupt a fable 3 save #legit

    thanks for the info.. I'm sure someone will try this =)

    Nice share
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    Re: how to uncorrupt a fable 3 save #legit

    Awesome, thanks for the info. This will come in handy if/when this happens to me when it comes for my monthly save back up.
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    Re: how to uncorrupt a fable 3 save #legit

    I've already tried this, and unfortunately it didn't work for me. That's not to say it 100% won't work for anybody, but it didn't for me. The reason is that this is a fix from about a year ago, I believe before the anti-modding patch from Lionhead came out.

    Let me go into more detail about what happened to me. I modded my save and played the game, no problem. Then, the second time I tried to load the game, the save came up as corrupt (as expected). I followed these steps, recalculated the checksum properly, and plugged it into my Xbox. Again, it worked when I loaded it up the first time, and again, it came up corrupt the second time I tried to load it. The fix only works once it seems, as the "fail-" files weren't in my save afterwards.
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    Re: how to uncorrupt a fable 3 save #legit

    I believe the only proper way to play the game with modded stats is offline because with the update your save will eventually go corrupt and many people say it happens randomly so you could play the game for hours get very far thinking it's okay then bang that's all your time wasted playing the game



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