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GAME store uk hate them
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    Fire GAME store uk hate them

    ok guys i would love to hear from any one in uk on what they think of game i have had so much trouble from them.
    i pre order things and they dont save them for me when i go pic them up on the day they dont price match even tho
    they say they will staff are rude and dont know anything and today i went to go get a remodeled xbox to unbox took in
    my xbox 360 slim still got all the bits and box in really good condition
    to be told they will not take it because it had dust in the power brick i was like WTF all consoles get dust since they sit in the same place for like 5 years main thing is i had so much trouble with game i will never go back to game sorry for spelling not my strong point

    plz let me know if any of you guys had trouble with game

    my video rant

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    Re: GAME store uk hate them

    the price match promise changes from store to store (it is up to the manager of your store to dictate what the terms are for your local store) but most say things like "we will price match within a certain distance from the store as long as they are a gaming specialist", some of the time they will not price match places like local Supermarkets, HMV, Virgin or PC World (it's up to the manager where they accept), sometimes they may even want you to have purchased and have proof of price on a reciept or something (but again it depends on the manager of the store you use)after that most managers will lower the in in store price and/or put the difference on your game reward card or something (yet again it depends on the manager of the store).

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    Re: GAME store uk hate them

    yer i was aware of that i had to read them there own rules they had no idear but its not just price matching its the price they think they can charge for games and rip people off and staff lack of knowledge is annoying

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    Re: GAME store uk hate them

    Wow that sucks big time... Note to self ...don't move to Uk...

    I would probably blow their ass out...lol
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    Re: GAME store uk hate them

    well you want to moan about prices try going on ebay or amazon and trying to find a dreamcast or something like that which used to sell for about £10 now you lucky if you can find a working one at £100, i saw skies of arcadia legends (the gamecube game) at £120 for just the game the other day so if you want to blame someone for the price of preowned games and consoles try starting with the ebay and amazon communities.

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    Re: GAME store uk hate them

    I'm not keen on Game either - much preferred the GameStation stores. Now Game have rebranded them, they're not the same anymore. I thought the administration thing might have taught them a lesson (bought a load of great bargains in there at the time), but no, their prices are stupidly higher. I reckon it's only a matter of time before they head that way again...

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    Re: GAME store uk hate them

    When I was still living in the UK, I never had any problems with GAME or any of the other Video Game shops. Granted, this was like, 8 years ago at this point. I do remember Gamestation being a better deal for harder to find games though; I found a perfect condition copy of Steel Battalion on the XBox, with the awesomely huge controller, at our local one. I'd never seen it in stores, even when it first came out.

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    Only had one problem and that's when they went into liquidation. Ordered a remote and some thumb grips online for my 360 and they took my money and never sent my items. I made a complaint and got fobbed off due to the fact they were going under with some bull shit excuse about them not having any stock or money for a refund.

    After several emails threatening them for theft and that I would take legal action I managed to get a partial refund and they gave me some points for the inconvenience. They take a better stance on their fuck ups these days safe to say.

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