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GTA IV This just needs to be said.
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    Fire GTA IV This just needs to be said.

    The title say's it all. Every single day i get into a game and get frozen because some punk wants to use freeze method's to destroy my Xbox. I will like to point this out to everyone. Just because you can create a premium menu doesn't give you the right to totally destroy someones Xbox by freezing them or simply bugging them every 2 secs. I enjoy using menu's that have fun creative cool stuff but i really dislike the fact that premium is starting to go public. Their is a reason why premium shouldn't be public! That's why i don't see a problem when people sell mod's. It limit's the fact of people freezing. I thought this should be said because most of you guy's want to make releases every 2 sec's with some freeze car bull. Even freeze gun shouldn't be released to the public but of course everyone want's to be a star and get attention. Not saying any name's . Some of you guys might think this thread is pointless. But am pretty sure 90% of you guy's are tired of getting frozen every 2 sec's.

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    Re: GTA IV This just needs to be said.

    I understand your frustration. But you need to calm down and stop venting at the rest of us.

    I don't know anybody here that made any such mods. The only person I know who makes freeze mods for GTA4 is Chr0m3 x MoDz, and he's a member of Se7ensins (completely unaffiliated with 360 Haven). He used to have an account here, but it's been disabled for a long time. In fact, the only thing I could find via google that matched your description is his mod released to Se7ensins. He's a fairly high posting member there (with nearly 3000 posts) so I assume that's his hangout of choice; if you have an issue with the freeze mods, take it up over there.

    So show me a 360 Haven thread that has one such mod. Most of us Haven developers are against online cheating, especially in a way that would break somebody's session in the fashion you described (and we do not in fact release tools "every 2 seconds" because we "want to be a star and get attention"). Just because we're the most well-known 360 hacking site doesn't mean that every hack comes from us. So show me what you're talking about, or I'm going to close this thread. There's no reason for threads like these where people just flip out with no proof.

    EDIT: Apologies are also welcome. Us devs work hard to help everybody enjoy games to their maximum, and the majority of us work even harder to make sure said maximum doesn't interfere with the ability of non-modders to enjoy their games as well. We don't deserve harsh accusations (especially public ones) unless there's something concrete to back it up with. So if you can't find an instance of freeze mods being released to 360 Haven, then an apology will also suffice.
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    Re: GTA IV This just needs to be said.

    You're right this thread is pointless you must understand the only people that play GTA 4 now are the modders and only a few legit players actually play most don't play it because they're in your position i would advise to not go on it anymore also changing your font size to give the impression of shouting or typing in all capitals is against the RULES




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