Hello Haven. I have a Slim RGH that I RGH'd for my friend a while back. He no longer wants it and has asked for me to sell it on for him.

The console is Matte Black and in perfect condition. It is currently running 14719 RGLoader it has very decent boot times varying from instant to 30 seconds.

If I remember correctly. It DID have some NAND problems that may need hardware to flash. But I don't mind updating it to the latest dashboard for the buyer.

It also comes with a 20GB HDD and the Power Brick + AC Converter for Slim.

Asking price of £120 shipped for next day delivery.

I would like the payment sent via Bank Transfer too as I don't really trust PayPal.

If you wish to see a video of it in action here is a video below. Console still functions as the day I sold it to him. He has hardly used it too.