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Game Informer Says Nintendo Could Solve Its Wii U Problems With A New Metroid
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    Game Informer Says Nintendo Could Solve Its Wii U Problems With A New Metroid

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    US gaming publication Game Informer has written a compelling article that suggests that Nintendo could turn around the fortune of its ailing Wii U console by releasing a brand new Metroid game for the platform. We already know that the acclaimed Retro Studios have chosen to create a new Donkey Kong Country game, rather than a Metroid title. Do you think that a new Metroid game for Wii U could turn things around for Nintendo?

    Many gamers donít feel like they have a reason to own a Wii U. Metroid might give them that reason, Nintendo. Some gamers feel slightly burned by the Wiiís slow trickle of exciting titles? All the more reason to release a proven series for the Wii U. Maybe people are worried that the Wii U doesnít have the graphical horsepower to keep them entertained, but games like Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, and Xenoblade Chronicles have pretty well proved that you donít need bleeding edge hardware and photorealistic graphics to make an entertaining game. A Metroid game could also show gamers what the Wii U is really capable of Ė remember how amazing Metroid Prime looked on the GameCube?
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    Re: Game Informer Says Nintendo Could Solve Its Wii U Problems With A New Metroid

    I haven't enjoyed Metroid since the SNES version, so I don't entirely agree with this but seeing as how the controls probably won't suck like it did with the Gamecube's two games, this is probably going to happen eventually.
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    Re: Game Informer Says Nintendo Could Solve Its Wii U Problems With A New Metroid

    i wouldn't mind seeing a new metroid game for wii u, but that would not make it sell more, the need to make a new link game then the wii u would sell or do better
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    Re: Game Informer Says Nintendo Could Solve Its Wii U Problems With A New Metroid

    I used to like this game... got kinda burned out with .. seem like it was the same game every time ..... or it might just been me...lol
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