I have a e74 (1 red light) Error code 1022 Xbox 360 console only for sale. This is a Non-HDMI console. This console has been apart before but not by me. I bought this console to repair but due to other life events I do not have the time for this console. When it boots up, I do not hear fans running nor can I see any from the back of the console, so therefore I do not think this console has a fan in it. Easy/cheap fix tho.

This console does not come with any cords, hdds, or other accessories. It also does not have the chrome DVD Bezel anymore.

Email: [email protected]
Skype: edubblehiphop
XBL: Photoshop It (On Always)

Price: 45$ + 15$ shipping to anywhere in any of the Lower 48 states.