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Photoshop legal for free!
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    Photoshop legal for free!

    For some of the great modding tools around here it is helpfull to have photoshop; @ the adobe website you can download the CS2 version for free! I know that this is not the newest, BUT it should be fine for most stuff of "game-modding";

    Anyway; here's the link:

    I uploaded the .dds plugin for you here:

    That helps you save time 'cause most pages on the web that offers this are fake or you need to do some stupid survey; ;)

    Well, that's it;

    Hope that's helpfull for some out there!


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    Emerald Lance

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    Re: Photoshop legal for free!

    Adobe is indeed giving CS2 away for free. Even though they're saying that the keys are only for people who legitimately bought the software, they're still giving it away, no questions asked. Great find. ^-^
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    Re: Photoshop legal for free!

    So is this Legit? Im not too keen on it since its from a junior member posting it. no offense great share if its legit.

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    Re: Photoshop legal for free!

    Thanks for posting this! Adobe made it free several months back but I lost the original link.

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    Re: Photoshop legal for free!

    Seems they're not doing it to be kind to us but rather because it's outdated and don't run on many modern systems but i'll stick to CS6 i might upload a cracked version in the VIP section soon for those who work in photoshop great share anyway

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    Re: Photoshop legal for free!

    photoshop cost money??? j.k nice share but im already to familiar with cs6

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    Re: Photoshop legal for free!

    i got cinema 4d and photoshop cs6 for free i kinda know how to use photoshop but not cinema 4d :(

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    Re: Photoshop legal for free!

    Given that CS2 is mad old at this point, it's still cool that they're offering it for free. They still own everything about it, so they could charge whatever they wanted.


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