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[Help] Better Quality With Capture Card?
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    [Help] Better Quality With Capture Card?

    Hey, Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but this does involve graphics :/
    anyways, here are some pics of my Dazzle DVC 100's work


    As you can see some are better than others, but I'm using Pinnacle Studios 12 to record with,
    and Dazzle DVC 100 is the Device i am using to record my gameplay,
    Any advice on how to fix the quality just enough to make it at least watchable?
    Should I just get a new capture card?
    Maybe a new software?

    And also, The quality is much worse if you actually see the video :/
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    Re: [Help] Better Quality With Capture Card?

    The graphics section is somewhat misleading: it's for art that members make, not about the quality of display graphics. I went ahead and moved the thread for you. :P

    As for your issue, as with most quality problems, it can always be solved with more RAM. This could mean actually buying and installing more RAM, but it usually tends to mean shutting off processes that you don't need via the task manager while recording. Also, a decent speed processor is always nice to have as well (just as important as the extra RAM), though processors can't really be upgraded short of buying a whole new motherboard (and for most that means a new machine). A better card can never hurt, but better cards tend to want higher end processors and more RAM, so pick your poison. If I'm not mistaken, the Dazzle is a DVD recorder card, and it's not a very high end card.

    If you can't upgrade your RAM (or afford to buy a new card), then the next best step would be to turn your recording resolution down. While you will lose quality, your video will be much smoother and less choppy, since less RAM is being dedicated to making it look nice.
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