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Xbox live Dumb Terms
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    Xbox live Dumb Terms

    Guys it makes me furious when people on other non-modding forums say that it is against xbox live terms and regulations or some bulls***
    like that for modding game saves...it says now where in the terms of use where u cant modifiy game saves...and plus who cares if you do its a fucking game and there are people out there who say this dumb shit and you need to tell them those kinds of people to shove there xbox up their ass....

    sorry for my vulgar laguage

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    Re: Xbox live Dumb Terms

    Lol... I don't think they can ever stop that
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    Re: Xbox live Dumb Terms

    Truth be told I understand why though, like for online gameplay. Dark Souls is infested with invaders with unlimited health nowadays :P

    But I see no problem with modding single player games.
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    Re: Xbox live Dumb Terms

    Exactly, I completely agree with what John said. It's complete rubbish when people hack in Online games such as Red Dead Redemption, Dark Souls, and COD: WAW multiplayer, giving themselves god mode basically and taking the fun out of the game. Modding on single player games is I personally have no problem with, because it's not effecting other players, and because it's funner than sh**. Besides, it's basically like ps3's policy. You can mod games, there's just going to be a lot of extra steps involved compared to modding xbox games.

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    Re: Xbox live Dumb Terms

    xbox live actually a lot of dumb terms.

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    Re: Xbox live Dumb Terms

    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralSteel View Post
    sorry for my vulgar laguage
    A few bad words here and there is alright, but please try to tone it down a little. We're pretty lenient about it, but vulgarity is still technically against the rules. Try not to go overboard with it.
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