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Rehashing XBLA games with a new console ID
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    Rehashing XBLA games with a new console ID

    So when you download an XBLA game, it always works with the profile that downloaded it no matter what console you play on. It also always works with the console that downloaded it no matter what profile is using it on that console. When you open something like that in modio, there are the "Profile ID" and the "Console ID" slots, so if you change the console ID and then rehash/resign, could you get it to work with a new console? And if not, why not? Maybe the console would have to verify it online but if you disconnect it then it can't. Ideally I would be doing this on an unmodded xbox online.

    tl;dr Can you use modio to change the console ID of an XBLA game to work with any console, not just the one it was bought on?


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    Re: Rehashing XBLA games with a new console ID

    No, It is a LIVE container and cannot be copied to any console other than what it was licensed to. This is due to the nature of DRM.

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    Re: Rehashing XBLA games with a new console ID

    There is a small amount of DRM-free games that can be transferred from console to console, but the vast majority have the restrictions described by Renegade



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