I'm starting to get very annoyed of this TB on Ghostship,
the matter of is, when i do it solo, (which i have for about 10 times now or more) If i dont get hit then i dont get the Genocide
but if i fail at the very end and i still complete it, i dont get the No Hits Bonus but i get the Genocide bonus
it is like, Which one do i want, No hits or Genocide, i just possible CANT get this stage complete,
Why does it glitch so much! ive been trying for HOURS and i tried really hard!
it's like this stage just doesnt want to give me my TB.

(To mention that there is 455 in total right, and i end it on 454, and i'm like, WHERE did i possible miss one? i searched EVERY room 3-4 times moving to cornors of every rooms ive been in to make sure everything has spawned, but still it wont let me get the last count i need this is really bullshit and i don't understand :c )

So PLEASE if someone knows how to Hex edit it so that i will get it from hex editing
or if someone would try getting it by playing on my save game, and try to get it for me, because im starting to give up and losing confidence
it's driving me insane.

Please help, i really want my Purple Gamer tag color :c .