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    Re: [New GUI] PayDay 2 Save editor V1.0.0.0

    Thanks for your work :-)

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    Re: [New GUI] PayDay 2 Save editor V1.0.0.0


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    Re: [New GUI] PayDay 2 Save editor V1.0.0.3

    excellent editor

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    Re: [New GUI] PayDay 2 Save editor V1.0.0.3

    Funciona no linux?

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    Re: [New GUI] PayDay 2 Save editor V1.0.0.3

    Quote Originally Posted by Jappi88 View Post
    PayDay 2 SaveEditor Version

    MultiFunctional tool to edit all the atributes from the INFO.Bin File.

    The tool Needs the Full Save File (stfs) to edit the attributes.


    1) Load the save#.save file from Local,Usb or Ftp Path.
    2) Navigate trough out the entries and edit the values to your desirings.
    3) Hit the "Save" or "Save As" to save the changes, Rehash and Resign.
    4) Profit!


    1) Full Savemanager with Payday 2 save management.
    2) Full Ftp Support, to manage your PayDay 2 saves directly from xbox360 ftp server
    3) Full Fatx Support, Manage your savegames from usb,Hdd and MU devices.
    4) Automatic usb detection, detects connection of fatx thumb drive.
    5) Full STFS Management, Rehash/Resign or extract the content from the stfs package.
    6) Theme management , Change Gui Theme to your desiring.
    7) Automatic Backup, Keeps Backuping file whenever changes are saved if backup is enabled
    8) Edits all the save attributes, Mod Eeverything you want!

    Much Much More!

    Please keep in mind to always mod the savefile with caution.
    I'm not resposible for any damage you may cause by using this tool.

    Update Changelog V1.0.0.1:

    #Added Noob friendly tab with most of the usefull Mods containing the fallowing feutures :
    *Mod Cash
    *Mod XP
    *Mod Level
    *Mod Skill Points
    *Mod Skill Tree
    *Unlock Masks
    *Add Weapon Mods
    #Fixed Ftp/Usb Listing bug
    #Some Minor Bug fixes

    ChangeLog Version
    ================================================== =
    *Fixed The corruption caused by the STFS lib
    *Improved STFS Block management , and Security fixes
    *Fixed Masks not Unlocking
    *Removed weapon mods max lemit of 34 items to infinite
    *Fixed the isseu where a weapon node was missing when not far into the gameprogress...
    u are now able to unlock that node.
    *Reorginized skill tree, and Improved the unlocking to its extend.
    *Added Primary weapon Management with blueprints
    *Added Secondary weapon Management with blueprints
    *Adden Armor Unlocking
    *Improved Raw Data section with more noob friendly controls.
    *Added the feuture to Create or delete Nodes (entries)

    Now even more User Friendly , Bugfixes and Feutures!

    ChangeLog Version
    ================================================== =
    *Quick bug fix , value out of range
    *STFS Library Updated , Perfect STFS Management!




    .Net 4.0 Framework or higher Required
    I did it I extract my save to desktop I try open it it pop up "Object reference not set to an instance of object" wtf does that mean

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    Re: [New GUI] PayDay 2 Save editor V1.0.0.3

    how does this work



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