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WWE 13 moveset editor?
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    WWE 13 moveset editor?

    So i wanted to know if there is anymore hack moveset editors for wwe 13. I have Hacker T's but its not really for making movesets.

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    Re: WWE 13 moveset editor?

    What exactly are you looking for?
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    WWE'13 Savegame Editor V1.8 by Hacker-T =) *CLICK HERE*
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    Re: WWE 13 moveset editor?

    Am looking for a editor so i can play with my friends online but not a rank game with hack movesets and we can just mess around. So i want a moveset editor like svr11

    so i want something like this

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    Ryan Hawley

    Re: WWE 13 moveset editor?

    Nothing that I know of, but I'm relatively new to the WWE 13 modding world. Try a google search if you haven't already. Good luck and let us know if you find anything.

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    Re: WWE 13 moveset editor?

    Hacker-T has the only moveset editor i know of, i was coding one,
    but were so close to 2k14, so i decided not to release it...
    And also, I don't think any Devs here on haven want to make an editor for this kind of stuff, Community Creations makes finding legit players hard enough,
    but if everyone could edit movesets like those, you could forget about finding legit players online :/
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    Re: WWE 13 moveset editor?

    man this is to much ,its not wrestling anymore

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    Re: WWE 13 moveset editor?

    Due to the overusage of hacked movesets, there are not many moveset editors out there other than Hacker-T's.

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    Re: WWE 13 moveset editor?

    This Hacked moveset is too Exaggerated !! It is a shame that some people like to win this way. I would use Hacker-T's editor since the edits done remain reasonable.


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