How To Survive, the deserted island zombie game shown at E3 by 505 Games, has finally been confirmed for Wii U after speculation over whether or not it would appear on the Nintendo console. The news is bittersweet, as 505 Games also confirmed that the online multiplayer mode found on all other versions of the game will be missing from Wii U.

The zombie-hacking adventure title is the latest game to fall victim to this trend, as it follows an announcement by Warner Bros. Games that online multiplayer will also be omitted from Batman: Arkham Origins for the Wii U. While an adult game like How To Survive is always a welcome entry for a Nintendo console, the absence of online MP is sure to once again leave Wii U owners feeling left in the cold by third party developers. The Wii U eShop will have How To Survive available for download this fall.