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[Release] Saints Row IV Editor
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    Saints Row IV Editor

    Hey guys, here is my Editor for Saints Row IV. Enjoy and please report any issues.

    dmca Do not post this on any other website without my permission!!!

    1. Extract the "game.dat" file from your gamesave
    2. Open your "game.dat" file into the Editor
    3. Mod what you want and press Save (close the Editor)
    4. Extract the "Fix Checksum.bat" file to where your modded "game.dat" file is (make sure the "sr4.exe" is there too)
    5. Double click the "Fix Checksum.bat" file
    6. Replace the "game.dat" file back into your gamesave
    7. Rehash/Resign
    8. PLAY!!!


    - Added the option to mod your XP Multiplier
    - Added the option to make any equipped Weapon dual wielded (If you unequip/change the Weapon, you'll have to reuse the Editor)
    - Added the option to mod Data Clusters
    - Added the option to make yourself Invincible to Small Arms and Explosives
    dmca Do not post this on any other website without my permission!!!

    Thanks to feudalnate for PackageIO
    Thanks to fairchild for the Saints Row 3/4 Checksum Fixer

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    Re: Saints Row IV Editor

    Fast work getting this out so soon - Impressed!

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    Re: Saints Row IV Editor

    That was fast Idle great job bro :D
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    Re: Saints Row IV Editor

    That is fast release,thank a lot

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    Re: Saints Row IV Editor

    Top man :)

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    Re: Saints Row IV Editor

    Damn that was Fast well done Idle :)
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    Re: Saints Row IV Editor

    Excellent work on this editor, Mr. "President" Idle..
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    Re: Saints Row IV Editor

    Awesome work! Looks good - thanks

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