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[Tutorial] How to get a XBOX 360 for FREE!
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    In love How to get a XBOX 360 for FREE!

    Want a new console? or maybe yours is broke? or your 360 has rrod? or maybe your xbox is banned OR maybe your 3 month banned/perm banned on halo 3 if thats the case then what you need is...

    -A Broken Console
    -Enough Money to Buy a Brand New Console
    -Hair Dryer
    -Nerves of Steel

    ok so we have the money to buy the console but we cant buy it because that money needs to be used for other things like groceries or clothes or whatever...

    Step 1-
    Depending on what console you have [core arcade premium elite]
    buy the one corresponding to your broken one. [KEEP YOUR RECEIPT]

    Step 2-
    take off the face plate of the NEW xbox an there should be a warrenty sticker.

    Step 3-
    Get your Hairdryer an turn it on an put it on the warrenty sticker an keep it there for about 2 minutes then slowly start peeling it off while the hair dryer is still on heating the warrenty sticker.

    now that we have the warrenty sticker off of the console we can open it up an look inside.

    Step 4-
    Now that the hardest part is done you need to open your NEW and OLD x360's with a TORX screw driver.
    [Sizes T-8 & T-10]

    Step 5-
    Now that we have the NEW and OLD x360's open we very very carefully swap the parts (old parts go in the new xbox an new xbox parts go in the old one) once you have done that verify everything is secure.

    Step 6-
    Screw everything back in. an put the warrenty sticker back on the NEW xbox nice an secure make sure it looks PERFECT.

    Step 7-
    Go back to where ever you bought your console the next day with your receipt an take it to customer service. an explain how the console doesnt work an you request your money back. give them the receipt. and get your money back.

    New 360 for FREE

    Helpful Links

    Open Your Xbox 360: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joF4n_HT6X0
    Open Your Xbox 360 #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaxIB6cXTYM
    Hairdryer Technique: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzvJqyxvj_4
    Hairdryer Technique #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR4SICjvZbg

    Even Tested it Myself it WORKS!
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    - Albert einstein

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    Re: How to get a XBOX 360 for FREE!

    step 8. get arrested lol j.k...so who's gna be the cool guy to try this out?

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    Re: How to get a XBOX 360 for FREE!

    Knowledge is Power, whether one abuses it or not };Þ[)

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    Re: How to get a XBOX 360 for FREE!

    lol awesome :D but to much work lol
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    Re: How to get a XBOX 360 for FREE!

    you can buy a second hand elite 360 now for £50. in the past i have gone back to a shop after buying one, with a banned console and got another one instead the seal was intact and they checked it
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    Re: How to get a XBOX 360 for FREE!

    I did this like 6+ times on the white consoles, even did it 2-3 times on one receipt and just bs'ed them saying the console did not work, then went to a diff Gamestop. Was handy when your flashed console got flagged for ban



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