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Help With Making a Mod Tool - Dungeon Defenders
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    Help With Making a Mod Tool - Dungeon Defenders

    Ok so I've started making a mod tool for Dungeon Defenders in VB, problem is it's my first one. I've got the layout pretty much set however I can really only go so far with the code. I know Cybersam already did this but I found that player stats could only go so high when using EterniaCrystal so I decided to make an editor based entirely on the characters as modded items will only get you so far on Insane+ unless you are an absolute god.

    So I'm asking for help with the actual programming mainly using Package.IO effectively because a lot of the addresses aren't set in stone on the game save but when decompressed it's quite obvious where everything is using a search. I don't know how to search...

    Edit: Thanks Kill_Seth, I haven't really got the patience when sifting through forms. I really need something that will get the address based on a search and working is way to the address from the place found. Also I anyone knows how to extract the DunDefHeroes.dun from DunDefSave.sav that would be very helpful.
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    Re: Help With Making a Mod Tool - Dungeon Defenders

    It never hurts to do a little forum browsing. http://www.360haven.com/forums/threa...-using-isolib/

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